A year ago I signed up for an online class on how to run a creative business, called Kelly Rae Robert’s Flying Lessons, given by an artist whose work I’d seen and fallen in love with. She’s talented, creative, bubbly, a possibilitarian, and she gave great guidance on her website. I wanted to be like her when I grew up (and of course, at my age I’m already older than her, but still, we all need a little guidance).

Nearly 400 creative souls came together for this course, some already successful artists, and others, like me, just exploring the possibilities of quitting our “day jobs” and making a living off of doing something we totally enjoy.  A private group was set up on Facebook for us, so that we could ask questions about the course, learn about each other, and grow in the process. What ended up was a sounding board for not just our art, but our problems, our dreams, our successes, our failures. Here I thought I was just signing up for an online course and I ended up with not only that but the bonus of a whole bunch of new friends. Our group name is the Fly Tribe, as we learned to give flight to each other. 

On this one-year anniversary of us getting together, we’ve decided to “pay it forward.”  Kelly Rae is offering her Flying Lessons course ONE LAST TIME, so we all got together and made monetary contributions to fund not just one but 8 spots in this course, that we are giving away. We want others to experience what we did from this amazing course and be part of the next amazing group of talent.  Kelly Rae Roberts has matched our gift, so now there are 16 spaces to be given away!

I got so much more out of this class than I ever dreamed possible, so thank you Fly Tribe. If you’d like to apply for one of these giveaway spots, click on the link. What are you waiting for? It could change your life!