I have been blessed to live in a home with a nice view. I am not saying that to brag but it’s a preface to the theme of this post. I have always felt peaceful and restored while sitting outside, appreciating the beauty of the world beyond the deck.

focus_cityI used to live with someone who would often comment about the widely-space railing and how it “spoiled the view.” This is the view he saw:


It’s all in the focus – and this applies to both photography and life. We can choose to focus on the negative things closest to us, or we can opt to appreciate the bigger picture. It’s kind of like that old saying of not being able to see the forest for the trees.

Today I celebrate completing 59 years of life, and through the ups and downs, I’m very content with where I am. As I begin my 60th year, I’m going to make it a goal to focus on the future, the bigger picture, and not get dragged down by the day-to-day negatives or worries. Actually, they’re just little blips in the big picture anyway.

Where is your life’s focus?