When one thinks of a barn it might conjure up thoughts of animals, dirt, feed, tools, clutter, and maybe just a catch-all for the miscellaneous—generally not a very exciting place.  However, I visited a friend’s barn today and I found the beauty in patterns.  They weren’t obvious but when I started looking for them I saw them everywhere.  Straight lines, curvy lines, round things, square things, piles, and repetition.  WEB_ends of tubes

WEB_flat things in blue holderWEB_gold drill bitsWEB_bobbin of gold rope

Of course, the cat that lives in the barn is looking at me like I’m nuts, walking around and taking pictures of things she sees every day that aren’t that exciting.  In fact, I’ve visited this barn at least once a year for almost 20 years yet today I saw it a bit differently.

WEB_circle with sectionsWEB_dartboardWEB_L tiles on the groundWEB_knotted orange rope

Yeah, try untangling that one.

WEB_ladderWEB_open drawersWEB_row of metal clampsEven the spiders made nice patterns.

WEB_spider webOf course, there are the regular things where you can easily see patterns, like nails…WEB_nailsWEB_cup o nails

…but then some normal household items that were stacked in the barn, awaiting future use, provided some artistic patterns as well.

WEB_yoplait stackWEB_stacked containers

I am looking forward to going back to this barn tomorrow and maybe seeing something completely different than the repetitive patterns I saw today.  Who knows?  Maybe I will find more.

WEB_white wire wrapWEB_wheel_2WEB_wheel_1WEB_twisty metal tubeWEB_twisty floor cableWEB_three stacked tiresWEB_thick twisted rope in circleWEB_air filter

WEB_telephone cord