You might know that when I’m back in Indiana over the Christmas holidays my sister and I go driving around in the country and while she drives I shoot pictures of barns and animals and crops and sunsets.  I was so excited a few months ago to learn that a new bank being built in my hometown of Washington wanted to purchase several of these photographs for their walls.  They were looking for images that represented the county and the people who live there.  It was very exciting, and at the open house a few weeks later my aunt attended and sent me photos of my images, hanging inside the bank.  I can’t wait to go back for the holidays this year and see them in person.

If you’re in Washington, Indiana, in the southwestern part of the state, be sure to stop in at the German American Bank and take a look around.  There are many local images hanging there taken by some talented photographers.

Here are my images that they chose:

three buggiestwo silosSingleton Barn at SunsetMiles To GoBlue Sky Silver Barn