I feel like I’ve got some pretty big shoes to fill here, making a commitment to myself to start a blog. Being a Virgo, a perfectionist, probably has something to do with me thinking about doing it for ten months but not acting. I can’t help but worry — Will what I write be interesting? Will I select the right photos to post? Why can’t I get this blog to look as great as some of the other creative ones I’ve read?  And then I thought, you know what? It is what it is. You have to start somewhere, so I’m jumping into the water (but taking those big shoes off first!).

As I finally begin this creative process, I’m inspired by a course I took last summer from Kelly Rae Roberts called Flying Lessons: Tips and Tricks to Help Your Creative Business Soar. I had been introduced to her work a year before that, when I bought a piece of her artwork that contained the quote, “Embrace Vulnerability.” I had just lost a close relative and in the healing process someone told me it was okay to be vulnerable, so seeing this on her art at this time in my life created a connection to her.

I won’t go into all the details about why I know I was meant to take this course at the time that I did, but let’s just say that I’m glad I did. I had always enjoyed photography as a hobby but after the death of this close relative, it seemed like I was getting a loud-and-clear message that I should pursue it as a business.  Kelly Rae’s course not only provided atta-boys, you-are-beautiful-and-talented, and creative inspirations, but also useful and sensible guidance on getting my creative business “out there,” for all the world to share and enjoy.  Hence, this blog.

A little about me. My day job is owner/operator of 120 Words Per Minute, a keyboarding and transcription service. I discovered in college, many moons ago, that I could type fast, so that skill became my vocation.  It’s an interesting job that offers variety and flexibility, and I’m fortunate to have the skills that I do.

Aside from photography, I love to travel, and as a break from sitting at the computer every day, hours on end, I always have looked forward to planning trips (sadly, there haven’t been enough of them!). I’ve been fortunate to have a great traveling buddy who is also a professional photographer. I always had an interest and an eye for what looked like a good photograph, but she is teaching me the skills of how to create that. I’m still learning (aren’t we all?) and in our trips we not only take lots of pictures but eat lots of breads and chocolates and laugh so hard that we cry. So much fun!

You don’t take a photograph; you make it.  – Ansel Adams

I hope to post some travel photos, happy photos, photos of things, photos of people, and photos that make me and others smile.  It’s an exciting creative path, so it’s time for me to put those big shoes on and start walking!