WEB_thrive_see-alsoYes, you read that right.  My One Little Word for 2013 is THR!VE, with an exclamation point in the middle. Let me tell you why this is my perfect word.

Last year, 2012, was a life-changer for me. On 2/22/2012, my husband of 30 years told me he wanted a divorce. “I don’t dislike you,” he said.  He just didn’t want to work any more and wanted to spend money however he wanted.  As he was the breadwinner in our marriage, I now found myself in the position of supporting myself, both a challenge and an opportunity.

Exactly one month later, on 3/22, my canine best friend, Molly, passed away.  This second blow started me looking at angel numbers. My brother-in-law, before he passed away, gave me one of Doreen Virtue’s angel books, and with this recurrence of the number 2, both in these 2 events and later throughout 2012, I started doing some research.

We all have guardian angels and they do their best to communicate with us, and one way is by showing us sequences of numbers.  Here’s what Doreen Virtue says about the number 2:  “Everything is fine and will continue to be so. Keep believing, especially since your feelings of hope lead to more positive outcomes.”

The recurring number 2 has even more significance.  It signifies unlimited potential of mastery in any and all areas, manifesting miracles and new opportunities.  The message of angel number 222 is that everything will turn out best in the long term, even though things might not yet be obvious, and if I have patience, I can rest assured that all will turn out for the highest good.

So I’ve decided to listen to the 2s, and take the challenge to not just survive but THR!VE. I have been given the opportunity to “reinvent” my life from this year forward. I plan to work towards building my transcription business and improving my photography skills, and I will work very hard to have patience as I watch my new life unfold.  I will reach out and make new friends, expand my horizons, and fly high in 2013. I can’t wait to see what the year brings.

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